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Dr Christine Ekechi is focused on supporting a safe and happy pregnancy journey for everyone under her care, from early pregnancy through to delivery and the postnatal period. 


Each pregnancy represents an exciting journey of planning, preparation and anticipation. Christine is focused on supporting all modes of delivery that promote the safety of the mother and baby.


Dr Christine Ekechi’s extensive experience in early pregnancy means that she is best placed to provide detailed advice for those planning to conceive and who wish to optimise their chances of a healthy pregnancy before conception.


When booking under Dr Christine Ekechi for private obstetric care, you can typically expect your care to include:


  • 8-10 weeks: early pregnancy viability scan. Wellbeing advice.

  • 16 weeks: Obstetric review & Fetal wellbeing scan. Creation of a provisional holistic obstetric care plan.

  • 20 weeks: Obstetric review.

  • 24 weeks: Obstetric review & Fetal wellbeing scan.

  • 28 weeks: Obstetric review & Fetal wellbeing scan. 

  • 32 weeks: Obstetric review & Fetal wellbeing scan.

  • 36 weeks: Obstetric review & Fetal wellbeing scan. Confirm holistic obstetric care plan.

  • 38 weeks until delivery: Obstetric review & Fetal wellbeing scan.


If you wish for a single obstetric consultation, without committing to a full obstetric care package, this can also be arranged 

Please note that the following are not included in the obstetric care package. These will be billed separately by the providers and will incur additional costs:

10 week non-invasive pre-natal testing (Harmony Test)

12 week screening/dating scan

20 week anomaly scan

Additionally required growth scans

Routine or additional blood tests or testing for Group B Streptococcus

Hospital, anaesthetic, neonatal or other therapies’ fees


Scans may be booked with the Fetal Medicine Centre. Call 020 7486 0476  or visit for more information.


Dr Christine Ekechi is committed to the best outcomes for mother and baby and is fully supportive of open discussions around choice of delivery.


Where agreed, Christine supports vaginal, caesarean and vaginal birth after caesarean deliveries.


Where the plan is for a scheduled caesarean delivery, this will be planned for between 39 and 40 weeks’ of pregnancy.


Following delivery, Christine will see you for a postnatal review at a time of your convenience.



The Lindo Wing, London, UK, W2 1PZ

Queen Charlotte's & Chelsea Hospital, Stanley Clayton Wing, London, UK, W12 0HS

The Portland Hospital, London, UK, W1W 5AH


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